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  • Writing a Bio with ChatGPT

    One of the weirder features of popular large-language model chatbot ChatGPT is its tendency to make things up (some call this “hallucination” but it’s really just how it works!). Nowhere is this more apparent than when you ask it questions about yourself. I’m working on a new website,, as part of my focus on…

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  • Growth, Good and Bad

    Growth, Good and Bad

    Guest Post Elon Musk isn’t the only one growing interest in a social media platform with a free-for-all, anything goes strategy. Rumble is a video licensing and sharing platform similar to YouTube but with fewer restrictions for content creators and marketed as a politically “neutral” platform. The site was launched in 2013 but has gotten…

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  • What Can We Learn from Kafka’s “Before the Law”?

    What Can We Learn from Kafka’s “Before the Law”?

    Within Franz Kafka’s The Trial — a story about a person prosecuted by obscure elites for an unclear crime — there is a short parable called “Before the Law.” In this short story, a man wishes to gain entry “to the law,” which is in a gated community. A guard, or gatekeeper, tells the man…

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Have an ad budget over $10,000 and the goal of activating new supporters? The Adriel Hampton Group specializes in performance campaign advertising: more engagements and direct conversions.

More than ever, political media consultants are battling it out for budget and relevance. But lost in the shuffle of mail, cable, and digital is what’s made social media platforms increasingly influential in our politics and society. If you can cut through the noise, social media is rich with meaningful engagement and less saturated with campaign contacts than calls and texts. (C&E)


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