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Adriel Hampton has worked as an agency chief, a journalist, Gov 2.0 and new media strategist, public servant, and licensed private investigator. This is his personal blog, and opinions here are not reflective of any client, agency, or official.

Adriel has co-founded several digital projects and companies, most recently The Really Online Lefty League. In 2009, he founded Gov 2.0 Radio and became the first person to use Twitter to announce a run for U.S. Congress. He’s an advisory board member of legislative data startup LegiNation and for the peer-to-peer organizing company VoterCircle, and frequently speaks on using technology to improve government and society. Before joining NationBuilder, Adriel worked as an investigator for San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera for six years. He keeps his California PI license current. From 2009 to 2011, Adriel organized CityCamp San Francisco and in 2011, his friends at GovFresh named Adriel “Citizen of the Year” for his work in open government. In 2013, the good folks at Campaigns & Elections Magazine named Adriel one of their Rising Stars of the political industry.
“Since creating GovLoop, I’ve met thousands of government employees across the world that have inspired me,” says GovLoop’s Steve Ressler. “Adriel is one of the best.”
From 2005 to 2011, Adriel worked as an investigator for the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, where he led high profile investigations including: a probe into a group of rogue City electricians; inquiry into a fatal tiger mauling at the SF Zoo, and; failure analysis and litigation defense following a 40,000 gallon diesel fuel leak. He also brought the office into the Web 2.0 world in early 2009, launching the @SFCityAttorney Twitter account and growing it to more than 4,000 followers and a perfect Twitter Grader score of 100. Adriel also launched the City Attorney’s official Flickr account.
In 2009, Adriel advanced Gov 2.0 ideals in a run for Congress in the SF East Bay. His campaign – the first to launch on Twitter – generated national media attention in publications including Politico, the National Journal, and The Chickasaw Times.
Adriel began his career in San Francisco as a design and editorial manager for the new San Francisco Examiner, where he served a front page editor, City Editor, and Political Editor. At the Examiner, Adriel launched the paper’s first blog, a supplement to his political column, The Body Politic. He has also served as an editor and manager for the Bay Area Newspaper Group, the Lodi-News Sentinel, and the San Joaquin Delta College Impact, where, as editor-in-chief, he led a 30-member student staff in transforming the weekly paper into an award-winning tabloid. He began his career in the public interest at 17 as a clerk for the Calaveras County District Attorney’s Office.
Adriel is a seasoned digital strategist and has spoke on new media and Gov 2.0 at Webzine, SCAN NATOA, Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp and pro bono “Citizen 2.0” events. He has helped train government officials in social media, including PIOs and state and federal administrators.
Adriel has also used his social media cause expertise to help preserve park land in Walnut Creek, and to promote open data and open government principles through prominent Twitter and Facebook accounts.

E-mail: adriel (at) adrielhampton.com

Adriel Hampton
Adriel Hampton

“Scoopmeister columnist … distinguished by exclusive political news and interesting commentary” – Matt Smith, columnist, SF Weekly, 2009

“His knowledge of the inner workings of … government are of tremendous value to any organization.” – David J. Canepa, Daly City councilman, 2008

“Genius govie” – Steve Ressler, founder, GovLoop, 2008

“Smart and solid” – San Francisco Bay Guardian, 2007

“Brilliant political insider” – BeyondChron.com, 2005

“Person of the Year” – SanFranciscoSentinel.com, 2003

Media and Political Strategy

San Francisco City Attorney on Flickr, 2010 – Created an official Flickr account to outreach to the local photography community and to supplement sharing on Twitter.

Gov 2.0 Radio, 2009 – Created the Government 2.0 Radio podcast, a weekly live internet radio show that has featured tech and public policy leaders including Jeffrey Levy of the Federal Web Managers Council, Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media, former Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, and Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist. The most prominent Gov 2.0 podcast in the U.S., Gov 2.0 Radio has 30,000 references cataloged by Google.

San Francisco City Attorney on Twitter, 2009 – Worked with state and federal Gov 2.0 experts to develop and launch an official Twitter account for San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera. After one month, the account was measured in the 97th percentile of influential Twitter accounts.

BART Congestion Pricing, 2008 – Formed and recruited members for an anti-congestion pricing group on Facebook. The effort was covered by the San Francisco Chronicle’s “City Insider” blog. The group also supported the successful state bond initiative for high-speed rail.

Canepa for Daly City Council, 2008 – Served as chief media and policy strategist for David J. Canepa’s successful campaign to unseat an incumbent on the Daly City Council. The campaign emphasized the simple and consistent message of citizen engagement and change, with a strong component of outreach to ethnic communities and press.

Walnut Creek Library, 2005-2006 – Founded “Save Civic Park” to shape plans for a new downtown library in Walnut Creek’s Civic Park. Successfully opposed a plan to use eminent domain to take a historical private property, opposed a general obligation bond that would have supported a multi-level garage in the park, and supported a compromise project with a smaller underground parking component. The campaign received ongoing coverage in the Contra Costa Times and its Walnut Creek Journal, and in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Work History (archive, see LinkedIn for current)

Investigator, new media outreach strategist

SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, November 2000-March 2005
Political Editor, other editorial and design roles

News Commentator

Hayward Daily-Review News Editor; News Center Copy Editor

LODI NEWS-SENTINEL, July 1998-June 1999
Copy Editor; Asst. Sports Editor

IMPACT NEWSPAPER (San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton), 1997-1999
Editor-in-Chief; Managing Editor

Victim-Witness Support







University of California, Berkeley, BA, Rhetoric, 2001

San Joaquin County Delta College, AA, High Honors, Communications, 1999

Columbia College (Sonora, CA), Dean’s Honor List, 1996

Blog header photo: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

14 responses to “About”

  1. adreil…hello. Glad i spotted your post for several reasons. I was in politics and news in the Bay area before getting my MPA. Now work on behalf of 265 mpa/mpp schools including SF State which i just visited last month. Great people and program. If you are coming to DC let me know as like to meet up.

    Scott Talan
    202.628.8965 ext 106

  2. Hugely interested in your citizen 2.0 training. Would be enormously keen to learn moire about how it goes – and if possible steal all your ideas and materials…..:0)

  3. Hey Adriel just wanted to say “Hello!” I was here and poked around your blog a bit. Thanks for your friendship on Twitter and I’m going to go check out your radio show. My hubby is a Political Junkie so a bit of that wears off on me =) I am interested in Gov 2.0 =)

  4. Hi Adriel,

    I read on Political Wire about your interest in CA-10, and decided to read around your blog.

    I really appreciate your interest in Government 2.0, and have myself been in the process of drawing up a business plan for an Online Project focused on greater transparency and responsiveness in our politics.

    Also, any Berkeley Rhetoric major has my support. =]

    If you begin a mailing list or need assistance with campaign work, I’d be interested in helping out and staying updated.

    Vignesh Ram

  5. Adriel,

    You have always been a Boy Wonder in many respects, so gifted at a young age, with great ideas and a great future. I wish you all the best and look forward to watching your political career grow.

  6. Hey Adriel,

    I’ve been following you on Twitter and have been impressed with your interest in Gov 2.0. My company, B2G Media, is hosting an event at Parlare (near Citizen Hotel) on political technology in Sacramento on October 21. We have confirmed Fiona Ma and Garamendi’s new media director. We’d like to have you speak as well.

    Please email or call me at ryan@b2gmedia.com if you’re interested!

    (510) 325-7039

  7. I would like to discuss the possibility of you speaking at the National Association for Government Webmaster’s conference, Sept 22-24, 2010, in St. Louis.

    We are an association of local government Webmasters working together to share knowledge, ideas, and other resources. Many of our members follow you on Twitter, listen to your podcasts and read your blog.

    Please contact me if you are interested, and thanks in advance for your time.

    MJ Simpson
    South Region Director, NAGW

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