Adriel Hampton shows how to use new media and social networks to engage communities with your message and to move them to action. Intense and practical, his presentations empower government communicators, non-profit leaders and activists to build and inspire networks of allies. Adriel has spoken before small workshops and packed auditoriums and can discuss these topics from the vision level to tool-specific micro-message targeting.

Adriel has presented on technology, new media and citizen engagement before neighborhood activists and small businesspeople, prison administrators, political activists and government communications officers.

Check out Marc Drummond’s wrap-up of Adriel’s “Social Media Boot Camp” at the National Association of Government Web Managers 2010 conference.

E-mail Adriel for his speaking fee and more information, speaking (at) adrielhampton.com

Speaking Engagements (Video)

GovFresh TV – What is Gov 2.0?:

CA-10 Congressional Candidates Forum, Closing Remarks:

CA-10 Congressional Campaign, Kick-off:

Memorial Day, 2009, Lafayette Crosses:

photo © 2009 Jeremy Maurer

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